Repair and Restoration Before and After Photos

Four Seasons: Seattle

A custom headboard in the Presidential Suite was damaged. The wood along top bullnose edge was gouged, chipped, and splintered. The padded green upholstered panel above the nightstand was also torn, scraped and scuffed. I'm told the suite costs $7500 a night.

Skyline level at the Space Needle

The Skyline is the lower-level structure on the needle where they often have weddings and corporate events.

The floor to ceiling mahogany wall panels had been severely scraped, scratched, gouged, rubbed and soiled over the years. The challenge was to go in and get it presentable again within a couple days without complete refinishing. Several of the damaged areas were cross grain and quite large, which is a tall order. We cleaned and scuffed the surface, provided extensive touch up to camouflage all the surface damage, and applied topcoats to give it a protective new finish. The end results were stunning. Mission accomplished!

Scrape on a Wood Plank Floor

Wood Door 24" cross grain scrape repair

Wood door at an attorney's firm office.The door had a 24" cross grain scrape, which is difficult to repair and come out looking good.

Table Repair & Restoration

Table damage was carved down and cleaned. A colored lacquered resin is applied to the missing splintered areas or low spots. Excess fill is removed to match the surrounding contour and sanded smooth. Dry pigmented stains are custom mixed to match existing background color, stain is then applied. Another stain was used to match the darker grain lines in wood, grain lines are then pulled into the area to match surrounding area. Surface in the repaired area is then top coated with same sheen of clear lacquer.

Bedpost Repair

When chunks of wood are broken off and missing, we install metal pins in the broken area to give the synthetic filler something to bond to. After synthetic filler has cured area is sculpted to match surround contours and sanded smooth. Custom dry stains are mixed to match existing color palette and applied with appropriate artist brush. Area is then top coat with sheen matched lacquer.

Chair Leg Repair

A client called with two Queen Ann style carved chair legs that were damage by her puppy who chewed them quite severely. We were able to repair the damage and restore her chairs to like new condition.


We have been providing on site repairs to the many tables and chairs in the Diamond Club at the Mariners Ballpark for the last 4-5 years. While we were out there providing our services they had us look at the entry foyer in the club. When the Chihuly glass sculpture casement was moved it left chunks of wood veneer and substrate raised and split away where hardware had been installed. We were able to repair these panels saving them a lot of time and extreme expense had they been forced to replace the many panels.

Chris Petersen (UW head football coach)

Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

I lightly sanded the surface and mixed dry stains to the custom color combination that matched, and applied to the raw wood. The areas were then toned with color coordinating lacquer and top coated with clear lacquer. The process was done in a couple hours and the household was not disrupted for any extended amount of time had they chose to have doors and drawers removed for refinishing.